My Own Self-Care Routine

So I've seen many and I mean many post about how each individual likes to spend their free time, their very own self care routine and in no disrespect to any of these posts of the people who wrote them, but there is also of generic things on there and all mostly the same thing.

Self-care is about pampering yourself, taking out the time to do the thins you like, to calm yourself to just enjoy your own company. Now I'm not saying mine is any better or the right way but I thought I'd share with you my ideal self-care day. 

First things first, I am a crisps lover, I can fully eat 40 packets of crisps in one sitting, no word of a lie, so that would so be my first thing to do. Open up the laptop and eat packets upon packets of crisps as I browse around.

Also, who remembers Nik Naks? I used to have these after school all the time, but these appeared in my house the other day and now they're gone ;)

If you know me, you'll know that my nails are probably my most liked feature of myself, but I am one lazy shit head when it comes to looking after them, so when I do have time to myself or like now when I want to have a little pamper session, this is my go-to thing as it is a serious once in a blue moon moment.

I would love to always have my nails perfectly painted every week, but I honesty never have the time to, so this is really something I love doing when I have the chance and makes me super happy and fresh when it's done. Great satisfaction and accomplishment feeling.

Here comes the big shocker! Netflix!

I'm not a TV watcher, I don't sit in front of the TV at a certain time to watch certain series or episode at the time it's being shown on the TV. This is why Netflix and On Demand are my best friends, as I never feel like I have the time to do anything, I always go to Netflix on my spare time, even sitting on the toilet to throw a quick episode on because it's just that great for on the go, as well as having that serious binge moment, you know, eating more crisps and that.

Just simply having that time to yourself to enjoy and be in your own little word for a while.

Of course I have that very very rare bath with candles, when I'm in the mood I read a book and when I'm feeling inspired I write 3 blog posts in one night. So there it is, my ideal self care routine, not your typical routine but it's what I do and what makes me happy to do these very simple little things.

What is your ideal self-care routine?
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It's Okay Not To Be Okay

So, where do I even being? This year started off with a rough patch, again I won't bore you with details but it wasn't how I wanted to start the new year, but that's life, that's how my life always went anyway, but ever since my birthday in March, I felt like that all change, luck was on my side, things were looking up, for the first time in a while I could say I was truly content with how my life was, is even. So why this post?

A few weeks ago, with no trigger at all, I had a breakdown. No reasons that I know of, I just started crying, firstly just steams of tears down my face but once the other half hugged me, the hysterical tears came out and I just couldn't stop but the worse thing was that I couldn't explain it.

Not in actual words anyway.

This is what I don't think most people understand and I don't ever assume they ever could unless they do know, is that not every emotion I have needs to have a trigger, the trigger is the thoughts I have as it is. The problem is that the normal for me, is that my brain doesn't stop, it doesn't always have an effect but it could also have every effect on me.

Or maybe I have an issue I'm refusing to open up about? I'm not sure, but it's okay to have these breakdowns every now and then, to simply let it all out. Cry it out, some like to shout, punch a pillow, eat loads of ice cream - I do think that it's such a healthy thing to just let out all your feelings and tell yourself it's okay not to be okay.

You're not perfect, you are strong, but you don't have to be strong all the time.

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It's Time For A Spring Clean

I don't know about you but having a clean room, clean desk, simply a clean environment is what gets my mind pumping. There's nothing better than having an empty laundry basket, clothes all ironed and away, bed freshly made and having a clear space to start a fresh. Fresh mind. Keeping me motivated to do more, to do better.

I've seen a couple of tweets recently with people clearing out their wardrobe, for the new season, for new clothes or simple to clear out the ones that you haven't worn for 3 years but you've been holding to and it's time to get rid.

Since sharing a room with my other half, wardrobe space has been a bit tight as well as recently purchasing new clothing items for our travels, space has gotten that much tighter.

So this Bank Holiday Monday, I had decided it was time for my spring clean out. Wardrobe and all of that picky items that's been trapped in the draws and cabinets for the past few months. Oh don't even get me started with the make up I have that I NEVER wear, so let's begin with clothes.

I for one am not your fashion icon kind of girl, I am your very average all day everyday black leggings girl, big jumper, casual blouse or a long top kind of girl - not to mention purely navy, grey and black clothing with the occasional colour. I am also that girl who complains she doesn't have enough clothes but yet refuses to wear the other items hurried at the back of her wardrobe because they're just not "me" anymore - so why do I still have them? Meh that's what this post is for, to tell you I'm getting rid.

I still have tags on some items, so those they be heading over to depop (incoming plug) go check out those new items, along with some of the other halves shirts he no longer fits in.

The ones that are in decent condition but are not selling worthy I shall donate to charity, but I guess the younger cousins can have first pick, if they may.

Now the items I have chosen to keep, these will be organised into a few sections - clothes I'll be packing for travelling (as these are super summer clothes, I won't be needing them this horrible British spring weather) - winter clothes, I say this but I don't have much as I like to layer more than anything - and in general I like to section my clothes from blouses, blazers, dresses and evening dresses and each section in colour order from white to black. 

Have you done your spring cleaning already?
Do you have a particular way of
organising your clothes?
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Two Blogs, One Shared

As you may or may not know, I have two blogs, this one and the one I share with my other half, well three actually if you want to be technical but we treat our food and travel blog as one. Anyway, as you can imagine, as most people may already be experiencing, running a blog is practically a full time job, let alone actually having a full time job. So you can imagine how it feels to be running two blogs and two of each social media accounts.

Funnily enough, the last #TeacupClub chat was based on taking blogging breaks and back then I had said I'd never taken one, but I have taken a break since then, I've aimed to post twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays but I've missed the last two days and it is not what I had planned so early in my own blogging world, but it had to be done and that's okay.

Although I didn't plan to have a schedule for this blog, it had naturally formed as I had some many pre-written posts in the beginning that I couldn't just have one post a week, but slowly all these posts started catching up to me and I had not thought about writing more due to having to write up some for the food blog and our recent travels, it's just simply hard to find all the time to even think sometimes and evidently writing a post requires some thought.

So there it is, my excuse for disappearing and future disappearances but let's be honest, I'm never really gone,  so if you don't find me here or my twitter, be sure to find me over on Food and Baker / Food and Baker Travels (links below)

If you'd like to know more about my shared blog experience, do let me know in the comments below and maybe I could do a separate blog post on it.

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A Little Motivation

Recently I've been sharing a few quotes here and there over on the blog, so I wanted to share a few more that I've saved over a period of time to keep me motivation and I thought I'd share this here, even if it is just a little.

Disclaimer: the following photos do no belong to me, I have saved them from various platforms, mainly; Pinterest and Instagram

What are some of your favourite quotes that keep you going?

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Do What You Need To Do

Be happy with what you've got,
while working for what you want.

This is another quote I live by and is definitely one in the top 3 (I really like quotes)

It's pretty self explanatory but it's one that again is easily dismissed by people. You know those people who are stuck in a job they don't want to be in (yup that's me) there's probably no other reason than the fact, what I am currently doing is not what I want to do in life.

Currently I am pretty much working to pay the bills and to some that's already they life and that okay, but it's not the life for me. So just quit what didn't make you happy right? No wrong, who's going to pay my bills? But at the same time I'm not just going to complain about my current job, I'm going to be grateful that I have one to begin with and I'm going to find/do what I need to do to get to where I want to be in the meantime.

I currently work for a uniform company, but I actually want to be an events organiser. So what have I done to get that you asked m? While I've had this job (it's been nearly three years) I have helped organise a beauty pageant, I have organised a debut (a traditional Filipino 18th birthday party) and "started" my own debut company (okay not that greatest of examples as it's dead) but it's the thought and the actions I have tried and I will keep on trying (although I have taken a break from it)

That was actually a terrible example.

What I'm trying to say is, if what you're doing right now is not what you want to do in the future? What are you doing now to help make it happen?  Don't be one of them people who complains but doesn't change a damn thing.

Be happy with what you've got, while working for what you want. 

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