Personal Social Media Ghosting

I feel I start all my posts talking about how much I suck at keeping this blog up but there's going to be a big change. I have deleted all my personal social media accounts. Yes, that's right - my personal Instagram and my personal/blog Twitter.

Why you ask? I simply don't have the time of energy to post on my personal accounts, I wish I could but let's face it my life is all over foodandbaker and foodandbakertravels - which side note, we deleted the foodandbakertravelss Instagram account as we wanted to fully focus on the one account.

Another big reason why I have cut down my unnecessary use of personal social media is because as my job is social media, I handle 11 Instagram accounts, 7 Facebook pages and 3 Twitter accounts, so you can imagine.. 

I'm just not down for having half hearted things, which brings me to this blog.

I feel like I've been trying to keep up with a schedule that I made, that I don't have to do but I'm putting that pressure on myself for no reason. So I am going to keep this blog and just post when I want and when I feel like I have something to say, to share for myself and to anyone whoever find this blog without any social media promotion, like the good old days.

So there it is, my sad excuse for a shitty blog that I'm going to keep, but for better quality blogs, follow my food and travel blogs, and give my @foodandbaker Instagram account a follow because I am working so hard on making it the best it can be!

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Don't Settle - Life Update

Where do I even begin, from my last life update, coming back from my 5 week travels with my boyfriend to my open letter to my future self.

Excluding my travels, I have been unemployed for 3 months, to some that's nothing, to some it's a lifetime and for me, that's what it felt like. A lifetime. Especially shortly after our return, I had to start getting ready to say goodbye to James as he had to leave me and London for his last year in university, so that really sucked.

In the beginning of October I opted in doing an unpaid internship for a social media role for a new company, I wanted to get into social media marketing but in this day and age, we all need experience, so I took what I could get.

Lack of money started becoming an issue and I knew I couldn't settle for not being paid, so although I plucked up some courage to ask for some type of payment, the company/event fell through and I no longer had that job. I continued to look for job, as I did while I was still doing the internship.

Meanwhile, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to stay on top blogging (she says but lacked in this one), on my Food & Baker blog and social platforms. In this time, I had decided I wanted to involve myself in more twitter activity, so I created our own @FoodieRT, which when followed and tagged, we will retweet all your foodie posts and desires, as when looking for some, we were clearly lacking an active one.

As well as creating that account, I have also create comment swap days specifically for travel posts and another day for food posts. Sadly, the first trail did not work out, but I will try a few more days and see from there. If you are interested, the food comment swap will be on Saturday's from 7pm UK time and the travel comment swap will be on Sunday's from 7pm UK time.

Now, we're in the first week of November and I can proudly say I did not settle, I didn't go back to my old job, I didn't go into retail, I didn't settle for anything less than what career I wanted to start. I can't say it was the easiest decision, it wasn't easy at all, but I had been somewhat privileged to be able to have a roof over my head, but again, it wasn't easy but it was worth it in the end.

I can now say I been employed for a week and a half. I am currently working art time as a social media marketing assistant  for a very established events PR company.

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A Push Of Motivation

It's been a while since I've shared a little motivation but now I'm here to share a push of motivation. As you know, I love a good quote and the best ones always get me through the days, so I wanted to share some for those who needs it around this time of year.

Disclaimer: the following photos do no belong to me, all found from Pinterest

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Books I Still Need To Read

Okay, let me just shove my disclaimer right here, right now because I am no book blogger, I have no idea how to judge a book. This post is purely to tell you what a rubbish reader I am.

In the beginning of the year, I aimed to read at least 1 book a month (yeah yeah I know it's not much but it was a start for me, but wait for it) so... it's October and I've read ONE book THIS YEAR SO FAR. Disgraceful!

Last year, I did read more books than that and I was on a roll, I don't know what's happened to me but I am hoping that publicly shaming myself, it will get me to read all these books that have been piling up over the past year or so.

Some of these books are from my sister, given to me as part of my presents for Christmas and my birthday. So of course I want to read them all, I can't tell you exactly what each book is about but I trust that my sister knows me well enough to know which books I enjoy.





I started this book while I was reading another (silly I know, God knows why I even tried), the first few pages I read got my attention and I am so excited to read this book again.


Funny story about this one, James & I bought the same book about 2 years ago - James doesn't read, so I thought this would be a perfect way to get him into it. Long story short, it didn't;t happen, we got to 27 pages and never picked it up again. So I hope to give it another go.


I've bought this book ages ago, I have been reading this for a while but I tend to always go back to the same poems again and again, but I can't say I've read each poem.

Have you read any of these books? What's you favourite book?
Let me know in the comments below

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Relationship Goals

You know when you’re scrolling through social media and you see that hot damn couple being all cute and shit? #relationshipgoals right? Like omg he got her 100 roses, got 21 balloons with Polaroid photos hanging from them and planned a private jet to New York. Omg jel, am I right?

We’re all guilty of seeing amazing couples on social media and don’t get me wrong, we’re nothing like that but we’ve had a few #relationshipgoals comments on our posts and pictures, and believe me we are flattered, we are so blessed that people think we are enough to be #goals

I’m not taking the piss out of people who comment that because I am guilty of doing it too or am I trying to sound boastful, the point of this post is that no one is goals and nothing is what it seems on social media. I know it’s been said before but for the purpose of this post, I’ll be talking about my own relationship.

First things first, James and I have just recently celebrated our 3 year anniversary, we just came back from 5 weeks of travelling together, we have been blessed to have lived together, been able to grow together, share our stories and adventures with our over on our food and travel blogs, as well as vlogs - this of course shows our happy times, our best times and our love.

Again, I’m not saying none of that is true. It definitely is but I want to express that we are not relationship goals at all.

We fight, we scream, we call each other names and do crazy ass shit. We have been through troubles that no one can even imagine. We’ve lied, we’ve hidden things and we’ve done things that the other wouldn’t like but that’s not that things you see, those are not the things we choose to show you.

I’m one moody bitch and hella spoilt but I won’t show you that ugly side because that’s not how I want to be seen, see my point here?

Heck there are things about us personally that obviously you don’t know about us, only recently have I opened up about my mental health and slowly it’s coming out more but yet I still have people tell me they would have never have thought that.

Same goes with this.
Whoever you see, doing what they’re doing over on social media. It’s never the full story.

We may be picture perfect but we are not perfect and neither is our relationship. If we were goals, then it’s because our goal is to stick by each other no matter what shit we go through because we know the other person is worth it, because we know that we are stronger than what we are fighting about, that we fully accept one another for who we are and we will continue to accept and grow together.

I am thankful for him and I am thankful for those who support us, but I know I’ve seen couples and wished for what they have because of how they portray themselves on social media, but we’re all different inside and I’m happy with who I am and with what I’ve got. Be happy with who you are and be happy with what you’ve got, #relationshipgoal or #singlepringle, you focus on you and aim for your own goal. 

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Getting Ready To Say Goodbye

Before I get into this properly, I'm going to give you a little background story for those who don't already know;

My boyfriend, James and I had started our relationship on a "long distance" basis - long distance to us is living in different cities, travelling over 2 hours via train and only seeing each other every other weekend. I don't know about you, but that ish cost money, but that's besides the point. We lived this way for about over a year and a half, until James did his placement year in London and this is when we lived together for over a year.

But that's all about to change in a few days from today, which James will be returning to university for his final year.

I know many people have will say 'it's only a few months' and yes that's true, but can you imagine, living with someone for over a year, not to mention recently coming back from our travels and spending 35 days straight together, to simply going back to seeing each other every other weekend?

Although one would think it'd be easier because 'we've done it before' but this is a whole other ball park, things have changed in between that and our bond has changed through the year of dealing and doing most things together.

Don't get me wrong, we agreed to do it this way. We have discussed about continuing to live together there but we felt for his final year it would be best to allow this time to focus on our future, for him his education and for me, starting my career.

No matter how much we will tell ourselves this is what we wanted, it will never fully prepare us for the time we have to say goodbye. Of course it's not forever (he's coming to London next week for our anniversary), of course it's not the end of the world but it won't be great - we'll be sad, I'll be sad.

It's going to suck saying goodbye, to leave, get on a train and know I won't be waking up to him every morning anymore.

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