Open Letter To My Future Self

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Dear Future Self,

Remember when you were 11 years old and you told yourself you'd travel the world, and when you were 23 you began those travels interrailing around Europe for 5 weeks and that was only the beginning.

Don't worry about money and all the materialistic stuff, you've worked hard to get where you are and you'll work harder to get to where you are. You'll find your dream job and you'll be the best in whatever you do.

Remember when you told that job seekers allowance man you'll come back in a week with a job? And you did? And you will do it again. Believe in yourself like you did back then. 

It may take a long time to achieve your goals, but it doesn't matter how long it takes you, as long as you're making your path, you're already half way there. 

You'll learn along the way that you can't control everything like you used to think, but that's okay. It will all work out for the better, you'll soon see that. 

Between now and then, you will learn to love yourself more because no one can ever replace you and that's pretty darn special if you ask me. You are who you are, don't let anyone change that.

Oh, and you know that boy you're spending all your travels with? He's a keeper, let him know that. Appreciate him everyday because guys like him don't come around that often. He's special, he'll always look after you. I know he's the one.

Continue to be great, I know you'll make me proud.

From your Less-Confident Present Self


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Aw Jess! 💖 I think you have every reason to feel confident and proud of yourself, I'm so happy that you proved yourself right in that chat with the Jobseeker's Allowance guy, you're a superstar! That you're living your dreams whilst travelling is truly inspirational! You and James make the perfect couple so your pledge to love and appreciate him makes my heart burst! Big love to you!

Abbey 🌸