35 Days Of Travelling With My Boyfriend

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I'm sure you're all aware by now (or not) that for the past 5 weeks, I have been interrailing; traveling to 11 European countries via train with my boyfriend.

That is 35 days straight, with my boyfriend. I don't think anyone but my mum or sister would really know this, but if I spend too much time with anyone for too long, you'll drive me mad! I personally think everyone would act the same if you were in that position but hey ho, I'm going to tell you about my experience.

If you didn't already know, prior to our travels, we had already been living together for over a year, in a shared family environment. With work and doing our own things in between our days and having other people around, we can't say we've fully experienced ever having to spend so long together consecutively.

So before I express my feelings, yes he is still alive and yes we are surprisingly still together (nearly 3 years strong actually)

Now, weeks before we were set out to travel, we had to have the talk (okay that's sounds too serious) more like a proper adult discussion about the stability of our relationship and giving full warnings that this would be a proper test for us. They say holidays can make or break a couple, we've been on several holidays already but this is a big one! Except for toilet breaks, we are pretty much side by side for 35 days straight. Sounds crazy right?

Personally, I wasn't worried. Maybe, a little. Okay, not really. Although I claim to get annoyed with ones company I've been with for too long, I knew we would be alright as I believed we are so much better together than apart anyway.

2 weeks in and we're still happy! Not going to lie, it was a shock for me. Like I keep saying, not that it was about our relationship but about how I am personally.

I'm not going to deny that as time kept going, I started feeling that irritated itch, not because he was actually doing anything wrong (well maybe, boys are annoying) but because I like my space and I no longer had that. I like to do things in a particular way or I like to take my time doing this or that and being with someone for so long, you start to realise even more details you had not noticed before.

I've had my fair share of tears and tantrums because I simply wanted to be left alone. Especially with having anxiety and wanted to fulfil every journey to the fullest, sometimes it got a bit overwhelming and it's not something the the other half always understands.

We've bashed heads over little things but nothing that has changed us. To be fair, it's nothing too out of the ordinary of simply living with me, well I hope so anyway. If anything I've learnt a lot about myself, we're all a little bit selfish and sharing this trip with another had taught me to be more patient and that I'm not always going to be right. I definitely cannot control everything and sometimes just be spontaneous. 

It has definitely been an experience for both of us, not just the time we've spent together consecutively but the memories and adventures we've created together as a couple that has made us stronger and have made us realise that this is what we want to be doing for the rest of our lives.

What is the longest time we've spent with another person? ...Have you killed them yet?
Let me know in the comments below.

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Micah Lee
Sunday, 20 August, 2017 delete

Ahh this is so relatable right now.
I think because when you're single for so long, you develop this comfort with spending time by yourself and enjoying your own company. And although its nice to have someone there, it can get too much sometimes.
I'm so glad you guys are doing fabulously well, I've got every bit of faith in you both that you'll be living together once again this time next year!
The longest time I've spent with a person is probably right now with Eric, it's been almost 3 months! And I was so shocked at how much better everything actually is. We argue less and having his company is so nice. As for have i killed him yet... hmm, there's been a few close calls but not as of yet! HAHA.

Love this post!
Micah A Lee